Searanger 50

SeaRanger 50

SeaRanger at Sotogrande

Searanger 50 alongside The Queen Mary

The SeaRanger Atlantic 50 is a unique British-built motor yacht, designed by Bill Dixon as a modern alternative to the traditional cruising trawler yacht. It combines a very special hull design with a modern, yet timeless, external appearance. Robustly built throughout, SeaRanger 50 is designed and engineered to give excellent, safe performance in all weathers, with a built in solidity that ensures that she will retain her imposing good looks for years.

At lower speeds, the SeaRanger Atlantic 50 acts like a heavy displacement vessel. At high speed the hull planes but is uniquely stable, even in adverse weather. The independently audited performance and consumption figures in the table below show how the boat combines a top speed of 28 mph at one end of the performance scale, with miserly consumption at the other with a range just short of 900 miles.

A combination of exact weight distribution, trim prop and rudder dimensions combine to give the boat exceptional sea-keeping characteristics. It's this combination of handing characteristics and a commitment to the highest standards in engineering, material specification and craftsmanship that gives the SeaRanger its appeal to boat owners who know they want the best in class.

Dixon's hull form, designed for its sea-keeping qualities allows for extremely efficient use of its capacious internal volume, with little wasted space.

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