Searanger 50 Engine Room

The Engine Room

There are two ways into the engine room. Lifting out a hatch in the saloon sole allows you to drop straight down on to the treadplate between the engines, or flicking a switch to raise the stairwell that leads to the galley reveals a door in the compartment's forward bulkhead.

This latter approach also gives access to a 'glory hole' that houses the Eberspächer heater and waste tank and provides useful storage for engine spares and tools.

Either way, all the main check points and service items are easy to access, not least the primary fuel filters and transparent-topped raw-water strainers to the front of the bay. Items located outboard of the engines, such as one or two of the filters, are a good 12in (30cm) or so clear of the wing fuel tanks, making them quite accessible.

The generator is located against the aft bulkhead, but is just high enough to leave reasonable access to the shaft logs beneath it.  The engineering is by the book, to a high standard, and with a good 'loaded' insulation fitted to all surfaces. The yard has also built in some useful extras such as drain plugs to the drip trays, and a handy freshwater tap.

Searanger 50 Enginge