Searanger 50 Designer

The Designer


Designer Bill Dixon outlines his thinking on the design of the SeaRanger 50.

SeaRanger was developed as a fast rugged trawler style design. The unusual underwater shape allowed us to incorporate a wide beam, yet we still have a hull, which has proven extremely competent and sea-kindly in all conditions. For its beam, the SeaRanger hull is efficient with excellent handling when both going fast and at lower displacement speeds.

The underwater configuration, with the central semi-displacement style hull form inside efficient planing surfaces, has produced a hull that gives a very secure feel, with very good low-speed characteristics, especially directional stability compared to standard planing forms. The wide bow with the soft sections of the inner hull gives the SeaRanger a very comfortable ride, and aids the directional stability when running downwind in a seaway.

The SeaRanger has a hull that has proven to be an excellent compromise between a semi-displacement and a planing hull, taking the best characteristics of both hull forms, giving a hybrid hull that ideally fits its role of a very practical gentleman’s motor yacht.