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Read what the press have had to say about the SeaRanger 50.

"The best of both worlds"

“All the owners I have met claim that one of the major attractions of a semi-displacement boat is the handling and sea keeping, Interesting then that, when it comes to a contest, it’s clearly not a one-sided battle, with both semi-displacement and planing powerboats able to claim victories in different areas. Rising above this contest though, are the Corvette and the SeaRanger, the only boats I have driven which combine the best of both worlds.”
David Marsh, Motor Boats and Yachting in a test on all semi-displacement boats

“SeaRanger is a safe, capable craft that’s at home in all conditions.”

“You soon get used to slipping through the relatively small doors to the side decks, which are nicely balanced to swing open and shut easily, but can never the less be dogged down securely when the need arises. Boarding and disembarking from the side decks is also easy despite the raised gunwales, although it is a bit of a drop down to pontoon level. Hatches on both quarters give access to a sizable lazaret, and for an aft-cabin boat there is plenty of deck stowage, not least within the seat-bases. The rope locker forward is separate from the adjacent chain locker. Nipping up to the flybridge via the quarterdeck from either side of the vessel is safely assured, with good-sized treads and kindly angled steps, plus plenty of handholds. Most of the exterior is finished in the teak decking as standard. The flybridge is uncluttered, and the high coamings mean you feel tucked safely out of harm’s way. The mast hinges down to reduce air draught.

SeaRanger is a safe, capable craft that’s at home in all conditions. She offers an impressive combination of power and refinement that’s unmatched by many larger vessels. You and your family can move safely and easily around the expansive teak decks, thanks to the comfortable ride and the raised bulwarks and strong stainless steel hand railing. Boarding the SeaRanger is easy, whether you come aboard via the transom gate over the bathing platform, or though the side-access gates.

The teak-decked flybridge seats nine within speaking distance of the helmsman. The upper helm has dedicated areas for navigation equipment, which keeps everything needed to operate the vessel close to hand.
Motor Boats Monthly

"The boat that offers it all…"

 “Nelsons and Aqua-Stars have two very appealing qualities: outstanding sea keeping and the ability to achieve near planing-boat speeds. They also have two unappealing qualities: they’re very wet and they roll a lot. Among Grand Banks’ and Fleming’s many charms are their voluminous interiors and excellent, safe decks. Of course, it would be too much to expect any single boat to have it all: impressive sea keeping, the capacity to reach near planing-boat speeds, be dry, roll very little, provide vast interior and excellent, safe decks.

But this is exactly what the Corvette and the SeaRanger are offering. Their hull shapes have bypassed the natural shortcomings of the semi-displacement type, and really do offer the best of all worlds.”
David Marsh, Motorboat and Yachting